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Logistics Information System (LIS)
Hindustan Latex Limited

A web-based solution called Logistics Information System (LIS) for HLL, to enable the Head Office to track the daily activities of sales, stock position, inventory status etc. of C&F Agents and Distributors countrywide. Two major entities in this solution are Logistics Information System (LIS) Server, a web site and LIS Client, the client software installed at different C&FA locations.

Data is synchronised between the server and client databases using XML Web Services. MS SQL Server 2000 is used for LIS Server and MS Access 2000 for LIS Client. This obviated the requirement of clumsy & costly intercommunication system that is not very reliable.


  • A dedicated Logistics Information Server in the Internet
  • C&F Agent Client Software installed at all C&F locations
  • Database Synchronising Engines for Server and Client Software
  • Integration with the existing ERP system functioning at HLL
  • Invoicing Module
  • Stock Adjustment Module
  • Stock Transfer Module
  • Goods Receipt Handling
  • Stock Report for each and every C&FA
  • Reconciliation Statements
  • Daily Stock Analysis of every C&FA
  • Ageing Analysis


  • Coding: Visual Basic for LIS Client, ASP for LIS Server and SOAP Toolkit for Web Service incorporation
  • Databases: MS SQL Server 2000 on LIS Server and MS Access 2002 on LIS Clients
  • Data Interchange Format in Client Server Synchronization: XML
  • Data Access: XML Web Services, ADO 3.0
  • Creative Development: HTML, DHTML, CSS

The site has proven very useful to us and we have been getting quite a lot of enquiries. Our customers from different parts of the world are happy that they can get ready information from the site.

Dr. Devidas Vellod Managing Director Herbs Health Foundation
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