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The client: Rubber Board

The Rubber Board, India is a statutory body constituted by the Government of India, under the Rubber Act 1947, for the overall development of the rubber industry in the country. Rubber Board, India functions under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Rubber Board has a well developed and fully functional research wing called the Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII) which is instrumental in introducing new methodologies in the cultivation of rubber starting from propagation to processing.

Project Background

Rubber Board has a huge knowledge base for rubber growers as the result of research being conducted at RRII for years. The absence of a mechanism to make this available to the actual beneficiaries was a major problem. In addition to this, there are a number of dynamic data like rubber prices, tender notifications originate from Rubber Board frequently. They urgently needed a common podium to make all these available to the mass of the whole globe.


The then existing web site of Rubber Board was a static one, with no features to display the frequently changing contents by the Rubber Board itself. Rubber Board required a fully dynamic portal to cater to the needs above said. Rubber prices needed to be updated on a daily basis. Tender notifications needed to be informed the target audience in a convenient and cost effective way, latest news and events related to the organization needed to be published. Above all, Rubber Board needed a facility to help the grower community by providing their vast and highly useful knowledge base available to them always and everywhere. The requirement was of a dynamic portal which opens the gates of Rubber Board to all anytime anywhere.

Team e-biz’s Solution

A portal was developed with features like daily price updating, Market Analysis on rubber, Monthly tips on plantation, Events Calendar and Training Calendar, Rubber Statistics, Enormous collection of FAQs, User friendly interfaces and search facilities. Huge knowledge base for rubber growers on the best methods of planting starting from land selection to crop processing with picture and video support and full text indexing search facility is also developed.


Coding: ASP, VBScript, JavaScript
Databases: MS SQL Server 2000
Data Access: ADO 3.0
Creative Development: HTML, DHTML, CSS, Flash

Client Benefits

The portal enabled Rubber Board to become the first government organization in India to run something of its class. They are able to update the portal fully on their own using the administration module. With this they update the daily rubber prices, tender notifications, rubber cultivation knowledge base, news and events related to the industry and Rubber Board. Much number of enquiries of different kinds is being posted in the portal everyday.


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