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Integrated Materials Management System (IMMS)

The Client: Cochin Port Trust

The Port of Cochin is a natural all weather port situated in the south west cost of India. The Port of Cochin is located on the Willingdon Island, Kerala at latitude 9 degree 58' north and longitude 76 degree 14' east on the south west coast of India about 930 k.m. south of Bombay and 320 k.m. north of Kanyakumari.The Port, a veteran of 60 years, instrumental in the growth of Kerala state is administered by a statutory autonomous body known as the Cochin Port Trust. This is an ISO 9001-2000 Port.

Project Background

Cochin Port Trust needed an efficient mechanism for integrating the processes related to Materials Management, Inventory Management and Financial Management at Cochin Port Trust. This solution needed to improve the efficiency of Inventory Management by providing an efficient and scientific way of material movement by connecting and integrating related personnel and legacy systems. The existing software solution present was incapable of achieving all these aims. This paved way for a new system for the entire process of materials management.


A software solution was needed by the client for materials management. Integrated Materials Management System (IMMS) was developed considering all the factors relating to the materials management at Cochin Port Trust.

Team e-biz’s Solution

The solution's primary goal was to integrate and mange the material flow of Cochin Port Trust by integrating with the legacy systems and related departments.

The software has 7 modules – Purchase, Stores Inventory, Sales / Issue, Scrap Management, Customs Billing and Clearance, Claim Management and FMS Integration. In the Purchase module, the authority can approve Recoupment Memo, enquiry, tenders, quotation, purchase order, inspection note, GRN and related finance integration. In the Stores Inventory, the authority can manage Recoupment Memo and view different levels of reports based on stock and monitor inventory according to the stock analysis. In the Issue Management, the authority can manage indent, issue, issue returns, stocks and related finance integration. In the Scrap & Condemned Items Management, the authority can manage scrap evaluation, tenders, sales order, item removal with out pass, collection of storage charges for non cleared items and TEO. In the Customs Billing, the authority can manage customs bills, duty remittance and stock update. In the Claim Management, the authority can mange security deposit, EMD, refund of excess paid.

In the FMS Integration, the authority can integrate the access code, cash / bank payment, TEO, priced stock ledger and advanced code for purchase management with the existing system.


Coding: Visual C# .Net
Databases: Oracle 9i
Data Access: ADO .Net
Creative Development: HTML, DHTML, CSS


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